FIVE to SEVEN is a collection of short films that act as moving portraits of individuals in the kitchen. The name and essence of the project were inspired by the apéro hour tradition in France (and elsewhere) of getting together in the the afternoon or early evening hours for snacks and sips with friends and loved ones. It is a time to come together, conversate, flirt, share and catch up after the day's activities. We have found that there is a unique sense of pleasure in bringing the apéro hour to life in the home. This project was created in the spirit of capturing the warm and nourishing nature of time spent making stuff to share with others in the quiet and relaxed hours of the day. 

We hope to capture and share the quality and simplicity of these moments by inviting the viewer into the homes and to the tables of some awesome and friendly strangers. We also want to convey a sense of what inspires these people both in and out of the kitchen, through glimpses of their domestic spaces and communities. We are compelled to tell the stories of the creative and inspiring individuals around us, outside of their work environments and through a personal glimpse of who they are what they bring to life in their kitchens and homes.

Thanks for joining us. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we've enjoyed creating.  


Janella Fox is a creative consultant/content producer who has worked in fashion, music, art, film and entertainment. She is also the co-founder of Rubifox

Maria Biber-Ferro is a film maker, writer and editor who is currently working on her first feature length film.

We are both native Californians who call Los Angeles home. When not happily filming people in their homes (and going through their stuff while they cook for us) we can be found at our favorite semi-secret beach plotting what to make, film, eat, drink, and where to go next...